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Garden Fencing
Here are just a few of our previous Garden Landscaping
Garden Fencing and Garden Decking projects
which we have completed, in and around , Horbury, Wakefield,
Ossett, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Castleford, Pontefract, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England,UK,
these Fencing and Decking images have had to be scaled down due to size of images
we have hundreds more images of our Garden Fencing, and Garden Decking,
but it would take too long for them to open up.
but more can be forwarded should you wish.

just a few samples of our completed fencing and decking

Garden Deck
Pictured above on the first row of pictures, is a previous Garden Deck we completed in Heckmondwike west yorkshire England UK
we were asked to install a Deck at this Home and Garden, Because the Garden suffered from bad drainage due to clay soils.
which meant the customer could not appreciate their property as they could not sit outside in summer due to the severe slope
and wet soil. we then installed them a Raised Deck, this then solved the sloping issue, we then laid weed membrane over the remaining
garden area and put down over 3 ton of gravel available from builders merchants we got ours from Travis Perkins.and laid some riven buff flags
in the corner of Garden to accomodate a barbeque.

The remainder of pictures show various methods of Fencing we have installed.
Concrete Fencing
Concrete Fencing is a good choice of garden fencing due to its strength, after all its made of concrete, concrete fencing is ideal for gardens which have bad drainage or clay soil
due to the fact that when we install a garden fence using concrete posts and concrete gravel boards, these stop the fence panel coming into direct contact with the Ground
making the fencing panels less succestable to damp rot, although all the fence panels we use are pressure treated and guaranteed for 15 years against rot and insect attack
it is still advisable to keep your fence panels from coming into contact with the ground, as doing this may make your fence panels last longer, we have done some fencing work
on properties and replaced fence panels where the fence panels have been up over 20 years, this is due to mainly looking after the fence panels with preservative but also
keeping them off the ground, wood lice are a major player in damaging Timber fences, you would be surprised how many we come across on replacing damaged fencing, they love wood.

Supalite Upvc Plastic Fencing
Supalite Upvc Plastic Fencing is the latest replacement for concrete fencing, it has the same properties of concrete fencing, but is available in a choice of colors and
is also easier to handle, installing a fence using supalite is far easier than concrete. Supalite posts and gravelboards weigh far less than concrete and is easier to install
and can be fitted in less time than concrete fencing, saving you money on fitting, on average fencing installers fit roughly 8 bays of concrete fencing for a days work.
but with supalite they can sometimes fit double this amount, saving a days fitting fee.

Timber Fencing
Timber Fencing can be  a cheap type of fencing, depending which way you go about it, if youre looking for a budget fence, or cheap fence, then we reccomend this type of fencing.
Timber fencing can be fitted in a variety of ways you can use 3" x 3" Timber posts for low level budget fences or 4" x 3" Timber posts for fences upto 6ft in height,
but if you want a strong fence and budget is not a factor then it is best to use 4" x 4" Timber wood Posts as these fence posts are extremely strong fence posts, and will out live the cheaper 3" x 3"
wood posts, these Fence posts can be used with all types of panel fencing,but can also be used in Kit form fencing like the type of fencing we install on Building Sites,
We also use Wooden Timber H Posts which can then incorporate a Timber Gravel Board, to prevent your fence panels coming into contact with the ground which also enables you to change your fence panel design
should you wish to, or you could simply use the timber H posts with a budget fence panel and then once you have a bit more budget to play with you could then change your fence panel design
to something more elegant. the same goes with Supalite fencing and concrete fencing

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