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Building A Fence
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Building A Fence

Building A Fence requires a certain amount of skill, someone with Good Diy Skills should be ok for a Basic Fence, But Great care needs to be taken
around Land Drains, and to make sure there are no Hazards Underground, IE Gas or Electric Services.
If there are Hazards, then we would Reccomend Professional Fence Installers as these tend to have a bit more expertise in these situations
and should be fully insured against these Hazards, should any get damaged.
If you are going to install your Fence yourself, Then you need to work out your Fence Boundry / Garden Boundry, and it is also a good idea to discuss
your Garden Project with your Neighbours, you never know they might share the cost? Then simply mark your boundry with a Builders Line and some long pegs
inserted in to the Ground and fasten the line at either end removing any obstacles which are interfering with your line IE Bushes, Twigs,Grass.
Then Dig your first Fence Post Hole to a depth of at least 600mm and set your post with Concrete nice and level upto the Builders Line then measure
out distance for your Fence Panel and Dig another Hole 600mm deep again with atleast a 2" gap all around your Fence Post fasten panel to first Post
and keep level and then fasten panel to 2Nd post and Concrete in Level and repeat process til all Fence Panels are Installed.
If all of the above seems to be a bit daunting simply contact us and we could come and give you a free Quote.

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